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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Gap Yah - The Road To Freedom

¡Hola chicas and chicos! 

The trip we have been planning for several months is upon us. School is out, exams are over and our life has finally begun! The excitement to become tanned gods is seriously starting to make us go crazy. Our pastiness (by that we mean Myra and Simone's pastiness) has reached new levels and even rivals that of Snow White. No joke. This is our last joint trip (potentially) before we part ways and embark on our journeys to adulthood - or as we like to think of it, the end of all that is fun. Sitting in a taxi we are laughing and chatting loudly, but each one of us is secretly thinking; "what the hell are we doing?!?!?!?"

On arrival at the airport we check in (with minor sleaziness and complications), board and settle into our seats. 30 seconds later we are already laughing hysterically, with many irritated eyes glaring at us from surrounding rows - somehow we think this will be a common feature of our travels.

Mini profile

Myra, aka The Egg: short, (deceptively) sweet, looks like an attractive egg, bigass tourist with a cap, translucent skin. Relationship status: sold.
Simone, aka The Polar Bear/Mama Frocia: tall, white (very white), TOURIST (seriously, we will post photos), laughs hysterically at nothing and has a serious muesli addiction (again, we will post photos). Relationship Status: officially very heterosexual, buuuut she does unofficially like the galdem (Ella's booty in particular).
Dora, aka The Slooty Meerkat: poo coloured tan, always ill, likes to think of herself as a party animal, always wears shorts, squeaky animal noises. Relationship Status: single and ready to mingle.
Jane, aka The English Rose: typical English lass, takes an age to get ready, likes Sangria and guys named Pedro. Relationship Status: likes sultry men with Spanish accents.
Erin, aka The Koala Bear: strict trainers only policy, Rule Number One enforcer (no guys back to hostel), geography, Britney enthusiast, poserrr/geek chic. Relationship Status: frigid nun.
Ella, aka Golden Retriever: sloot, big bootay, always hungry, stroopwafel devotee, smiley and universal sleaze target. Relationship Status: in progress, attracts the creeps/vagabonds (vagabond: noun - A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.)

One trip. Eight cities. Six girls. First stop: BARTHELONA BEBIIIII


  1. English Rose? pah! i think youre forgetting where i am from!AND i do NOT take a lifetime to get ready!! i just like to make sure i have everything before i leave. totally understandable. you guys are just jealous that im the one who always remembers to bring tissues. But you were spot on there with Pedro.

    i'm giving myself a new title: Museum-aholic Picassonator. yes, that will do just fine

  2. haha i love the relationship statuses!!!